November 4, 2017

The Penny Loafer, Inc. hires new CFO, Pamela R. Sheldon

The Penny Loafer is pleased to announce the hiring of their new CFO, Pam Sheldon. "Passion for excellence and personal growth has been my tag line for years," says Sheldon. "So when Penny  and Darwin asked me to be involved with The Penny Loafer, I said Of course, where can I help?  So how does my tag line connect with The Penny Loafer…it connects because of the passion for customer service and excellence that drives Penny and Darwin every day during this journey.  I have known Penny for many years and Penny has instilled in me the importance of customer service at any level, from the person at the gas station register to a server in a high end restaurant... I am looking forward to working with Penny and Darwin and see where we can take this business."  

Pam brings with her, 30 years of of accounting experience and a working knowledge of start-up process to The Penny Loafer, and according to Co-owner, Penny Hock, "she has an added expertise that will be invaluable ... she's a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur!"

Pam is a specialist in the Non-profit sector and understands the importance of community and giving back. "We hope to really utilize those skills so we can reach out to our own community and really get involved," says Hock. "She is driven and she knows exactly what we need, which gives us an incomparable level of faith and trust in her ability to get us where we need to be."

"We are so pleased to have her on board," says co-owner Darwin Rodgers.  "She has an amazing track record and we are so fortunate to have as our CFO. Her knowledge in finances and accounting will be invaluable to us." 

Pam am is a CPA and earned her BS in Accounting from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN.  She has lived in the Chicago area for over thirty years and has been a resident of Warrenville, IL for about seventeen years. She is a member of Sweet Adeline's Intl for over twenty years and sings with gold medalists, "Melodeers Chorus" from Northbrook, IL. In her not-so-spare time, Pam enjoys being active indoors and out.


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