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2018 is Going To Be SWEET!

So each day I would make my way to my office, padding across the floor whilst reciting the mantra "I will blog today" and each day I found the clock to be my worst enemy. How is it possible that an entire day has robbed me of my precious time and alas I have put ne'er a pencil to paper? The explanation? WE ARE BUSY! And so it goes... Nonetheless, I demonstratively profess from the highest mountain in Warrenville, IL that we are beginning our regular blogging...and it's gonna be SWEET!

Nick and Judy Herrick: Event Assistants Extraordinaire!

To kick off the year I wanted to sing the praises of two fine young people who go by the names "Nick and Judy." This awesome little business of ours has gotten busy and over Thanksgiving we found ourselves in need of four more hands. So Nick and Judy (a.k.a. "Mom") graciously offered to help and we jumped on the opportunity. Well… as you would expect, word of mouth spread, and before we knew it we were booking a gig with a special request for "Nick and Judy" because they heard they would be "a great addition to their New Year's festivities" and of course they would be!

And so, in their James Bond fashion, they pulled into The Penny Loafer driveway after a 3.5 hour jaunt across time zones, geared up in their formal uniforms, got back in their Herrickmobile and drove an hour to work an awesome party. They then drove another hour back to The Penny Loafer, slept for a handful of hours, and then left in the morning to traverse the arctic conditions so they could get to Detroit to celebrate the New Year with family...whew. Makes me tired just reiterating it. But alas... the weather got the best of them and they changed their route mid-way and headed straight home instead. Their presence was missed in Detroit and we at the Penny Loafer were sad they didn’t make it, but we sure are grateful to have such amazing people in our lives.

So with New Year’s behind us we are forging ahead with our sites on Wedding season as well as Super bowl, Valentine’s day, and any other special occasion that entices a person to seek us out so that they too may enjoy their party. This little business is about to get a big boost and we are excited to share all the SWEET things along the way including an expanded menu of sweet and savory offerings, more social networking, a local presence in the spring, and lots of great restaurant reviews.

We hope you enjoyed your holiday and are looking forward to a great year ahead. Here’s to 2018 and a great start to what will surely be a most wonderful year!!

Penny & Darwin

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