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Service Staff

If you are hosting an event and feeling bogged down or confused by the details, a service staff is exactly what you need. Our job is to help make your life easier by taking care of the details so you can join the party and enjoy your guests.

Food Service

  • Every member of The Penny Loafer staff is trained to handle all standard services included in our service packages. All our staff are certified in Food Handling and a Food Manager is always present when working with caterers

  • Never worry about guest flow bottlenecks or coordination of dinner service. Our attentive and friendly staff will help your guests to know exactly when and where to go when it's their time. We work closely with your DJ too, just in case they are making announcements to your guests.

  • Plated service is an elegant and upscale way to serve dinner to your guests. We provide one server for up to 16 guests each and a total of  80 guests for this service, so be sure to keep this in mind when you're putting together your budget.

Cocktail Service

  • Our cocktail staff provides butler style circulation of hors d'oeuvres while you're guests mingle as they wait. 

Bar Service

  • We provide Bar Service for crowds with a guest count up to 150. Our top-notch tenders can pop corks, pour just about anything and present guests with creative specialty drinks. All our bartenders are Basset Certified with the state of Illinois.

Buffet Assistance

  • Our kitchen assistants masterfully provide full buffet assistance from the moment your food is delivered or prepared. We work with you and your caterer ahead of time to coordinate delivery and ensure your order is correct so that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Our staff will unpack the food, completely set up your buffet including all pans and heating cans and labeling of food,  ensure and supplement all pieces and utensils necessary for service, regularly refresh buffet items to maintain an appealing presentation, completely tear down the buffet, and package up or dispose of all leftovers.

  • If your caterer has a staff that remains on site, we will assist with ensuring everything is on schedule and presentation meets our standards.


  • Our designers are excited to create elegant, trendy, and out of the box displays for your hors d'oeuvres and desserts as well as assist with centerpieces and decorative accents.

Planning Assistance & On-Day Coordination

  • If you're doing your event DIY, you might be afraid something will be overlooked. Our Planning Assistants will help make sure this doesn't happen. We will work closely with you to ensure everything is covered so you know the next steps to take and can stay on budget without being surprised by unexpected expenses.

Gourmet Coffee Bar

Gourmet coffee has become a staple for many people so it comes as no surprise that our Gourmet Coffee Bar is becoming a hot ticket in town. Featuring a delicious blend of regular coffee, decaf coffee, a variety of hot tea, flavored syrup, premium hot cocoa, and more, your guests can try out their Barista skills or use one of our staff for a gourmet service experience!


Throwing the perfect event can be, time consuming, expensive, and stressful, especially with having to purchase things that get overlooked in the planning process.  Renting equipment such as Buffet pieces, Coffee or Dessert stations such as a Chocolate Fountain is a great way to have all you need at your event without spending a fortune or worrying about how to make it all happen.  The Penny Loafer offers a small selection of rentals to help make your life a little easier.

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