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Self Serve Coffee Station

If you are serving alcohol at your event, you may want to consider adding our Self Serve Coffee Station for your guests. Coffee is very trendy and often overlooked at events. We provide a delicious blend of coffee and teas, flavored syrups, and more. If you'd rather not have your guests do the heavy liftin, we can provide a Barista for you.

Our Self Serve Coffee Bar includes the following:

  • A gourmet blend of fresh ground coffee in both regular and decaf in large easy-pour urns

  • 1 hot water urn for tea

  • A variety of hot tea packets with lemon wedges

  • A tin of cocoa mix for mochas or hot cocoa

  • White Sugar

  • Artificial sweetener

  • Regular and flavored individual creamers

  • Stir Sticks

  • Disposable double-walled 8oz coffee cups

  • Napkins

  • Ice Bucket for Iced Coffee

  • Cookies/Accoutrements

  • Staff maintenance and service

  • Flavored syrup: Mocha, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry, Irish Cream.

For that truly Gourmet Barista experience, we are happy to arrange an onsite Barista tended Coffee Bar with our preferred vendor.

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